Lovely Baby Box - bed in a box for infants with practical layette!

The main mission of small, portable and secure baby sleeping box is to raise awareness among parents, that they should sleep close to the child, but separately.

Inspired by the idea from Finland we decided to check if Scandinavian traditional baby box will be accepted in our homeland, UK, Europe and even all over the world.

That is how we came up with the  Idea  of  Lovely Baby Box.

Our recipe for the perfect

Lovely Baby Box
  • dash of patience,
  • handful of creativity,
  • a kilogram of experience,
  • countless practicality
  • and maximum of carefulness!

Finnish traditional baby boxes in UK – elegant and practical gift for future moms

Our baby cardboard box is designed in a way that a child feels comfortable and cozy inside. Delicate, cheerful and at the same time tasteful design has been chosen in order to bring happiness to parents as well as to a newborn, regardless of the gender. If you know how to bring pleasure to a child and a mother, you will appreciate baby boxes in UK, and worldwide!

Baby sleeping box is so convenient - in one place there is a must have layette for the baby. The products which we chose had been carefully selected and they mostly come from Polish manufacturers. We do our best to prepare our sets so that they are practical and color-matching in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers in UK, Europe and worldwide. Choosing the baby cardboard box is the best way to avoid buying needless gadgets which each and every baby shop is full of.

The products in Lovely Baby Box are the base of every thoughtful baby’s layette
You will be surprised how practical and comfortable our baby bed boxes >are!

The baby cardboard box is the symbol of the success of Finland over the children’s care.

What are the origins of this beautiful baby box  Finnish tradition ?

Sleeping baby
Layette as a gift for a newborn

Transform a casual cardboard box into baby keepsake box to save memories or use it as a baby changing box

Baby sleeping box is so practical in the very beginning of our baby’s life. It is comfortable and safe for baby to sleep in its own separate area, but on the other hand so closely to parents. But what to do when our little baby has already become too big for the size of baby cardboard box? Our products are beautifully designed and they could be reused as a baby keepsake box. We can put inside some items such as: baby's pacifier, rompers, toys and photos. The idea of creating baby memory box is becoming more and more popular. It is one of the best way to save greatest memories from the infancy of our children.

Baby cardboard box is so universal and you can use it in any other purpose. When your little newborn baby grows and the baby box bed becomes too small, you can transform it easily into baby changing box. There is enough place to accommodate all needed staff such as: diapers, cosmetics for babies and other accessories. Baby changing box is so practical and moms appreciate it so much.

Lovely Baby Box - the layette for a newborn in an original edition

In order to celebrate the birth of a new family member we carefully select all our products so they can make you and your child happy, securing the comfort and 100% of satisfaction. Our baby sleeping boxes with layette are not only attractive but also very practical. Prepared sets contain everything what a baby’s layette should have: practical gadgets and accessories as well as stylish clothes. Individually designed baby cardboard box can be used as a comfortable and portable place for your baby relax. Inside the box you can find a set of clothes and accessories which will help you to fulfill all the fundamental needs of your baby in the first months of his life. In our shop we offer 3 sets of Lovely Baby Box:

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Safety of baby bed boxes

The traditional baby boxes together with the layette are produced in accordance to all quality and safety standards. Products packed by our company come from verified sources and partners. According to the information provided by manufacturers all of these accessories in the baby boxes hold required certificates which assure that Polish, UK and European safety baby regulations are met.

All materials are environment friendly and they are free from any substances which may have  a negative impact of people’s health.

The baby cardboard box with layette were designed in a way that a baby which is inside can safely sleep next to the mother without the risk of squashing or suffocating. Thanks to special handles at the sides of the baby bed boxes it is easy to safely carry and place in any wanted area. When a baby is too big for the baby sleeping boxes you can use it for storing clothes, toys or any other accessories.